Friday, August 15, 2003

Well...Annie and I are moving out! We have seen a little townhouse in Queen Anne and we love it. We will put in the application today and see what happens. F. is very pist off at me becuase I have been getting home late but I don't know what he expects from me. He wants me to be home crying over him, waiting for him while he goes and hang out with the white trash whore accross the street. Last night he told me he wants a divorce, that he had been waiting for me for hours to have dinner. Can you beleive that? How many times did I stay up waiting up for him, with dinner ready, hearting him laugh acrross the street. How many times did he come in at 6am? I just can't believe he wants to blame me for everything. It is so sad... It'll soon be over though, and I hope we don't hate each other. I wish him well, he's coming accross some money soon and I hope he uses it wisely. I told him I don't want any of it becuase what I wanted from him was for free and he could'nt give it to me.

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