Friday, August 29, 2003

Its Friday and I've been feeling a little bit down today. Two things made me feel better though... First, I noticed that someone had signed my guestbook! Yay!!! Finally hehe... thanks koolchick! and yes, I have moved, thank god.
The next thing was my boss just gave me two little presents just becuase, which was so nice:)

I spoke to my parents two nights ago and I was sooooooo happy to hear them. It's incredible how much I've forgetten who I used to be, a happy, driven person. I need to get that back!! How do I get it back? I wish I knew the answer. I guess being in a bad situation has broken me so much, struggling with money, moving around, carrying the weight of two adults, I had to grow up quickly and become the responsible one.
I haven't seen my parents in 3 years an few months. I can't beleive how much time has gone by:( I cannot wait till I fly down and see them.

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