Monday, April 25, 2005

Dreams of you being crazy, and me, always following you around. Sensing the chaos, knowing it all around. (It’s almost like if you say jump and I say how high). Phrases we made up go round and round in my head, feeling that the promises made went up to the space where nobody will bother to find them. Tonight I wonder if the space in your back I declared as mine is being touched and if your slumber is disturbed. Sacred nights uncovered, wasted voices, unheard. I dream of you and fragments of the known softness invade me. I believe that I’ll stay awake now.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Te acercaste a mi. No te escuche pero se pronuncio tu olor. Ese olor tan familiar que es mezcla de un dia de verano en el bosque y las calles mojadas cuando deja de llover. Te acercaste a mi y supe que era el final de tu ausencia. En ese instante, aun sin mirarte a la cara, supe que aqui estabas para quedarte.

Whales, cops and maids

When I was 4 years old I had a dream that even until this day, remains in my memory so clear that I don’t think anyone I know has not heard about it. I was in my back yard at my house in La Avenida America where I grew up and I notice there is a four leaf clover right in front of me. I kneel to pick it up and all of a sudden the clover turns into a big gray whale. The whale was enormous, with big round eyes and a flat tail. The whale then opened its mouth and out came two cops holding their beating sticks. The cops then go ahead and arrest Maria, our maid while she kicks and screams. Then all of a sudden, Don Ramon (from El Chavo del 8, a Mexican signature show that every Latin-American kid knows, I’m sure) appears out of nowhere and very heroically, rescues Maria. It’s not clear how he rescues her but for some reason he got really sick afterwards and and had to be taken to the hospital.

Years later, there were cops in my backyard, harassing our maids. And Don Ramon got really sick and had to be taken to the hospital, where he died. I wonder what it means and if it means anything at all. I’m not one to obsess about dreams but it’s so weird, especially the part with the cops and the maid. I just wish I had something to say about the whale. Then again, I might.. but I won’t go there.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


So yes, traffic is pretty bad. I had been forewarned many a times by Annie but to be quite honest, so far, I have enjoyed my drive to and from work. I get to listen to music, look at people and mostly, see the ocean everyday. I drive from Miami Lakes to Miami Beach every day using the Palemtto, then I-95 and towards the end of my drive, I go through I-195 towards Alton Road and the view is spectacular. No wonder so many people live in Miami and so many people form other countries want to move here. It really is spectacular. I’m getting together with Zenia this weekend and I think that we are going out to a few clubs. I’ll tell you how it goes.

Monday, April 11, 2005

She's So Lucky

Aca estoy en mi primer dia de trabajo en la compañia de software en Miami Beach ( no puedo darles el nombre por razones obvias). Me desperte bastante temprano, me duche tranquila, me maquille, me vesti y sali con bastante tiempo porque hoy fue mi primer dia lidiando con el trafico de Miami. Llegue con suficiente tiempo y ahora estoy aca sentada en mi oficina, con vista al mar (!) y preguntandome como me ira en este nuevo capitulo de mi vida y preguntandome como siempre, como carajo llegue hasta aca. Desde que he llegado he estado tan feliz, todos los dias me despierto con animos y energia, estoy disfrutando del sol, de la musica, de mi familia y mis amigos. Miami me encanta! Ahora tengo un trabajo que paga muy bien, que queda en un lugar soñado, con vista al mar y hoy mas que nunca, me siento muy afortunada.

Hoy hacen tres años que fallecio mi Tatita y se que en este momento, sea donde sea que este, esta mirandome sonriendo porque todo esta bien.

Monday, April 04, 2005


I have not had a chance to update in a while but i just wanted to let you all know that I'm already in Miami and happy as can be. I've bben here for almost tweo weeks and got a job 5 days after I moved here. I start work April 11th in Miami Beach. I'll write more later becuase I'm leaving right now. Laters.