Thursday, July 01, 2004


I ran into Karl yesterday. He looked so thin and different.It was weird seeing him. As always, he was in some sort of mission becuase someone had broken intohis partment and stolen a bunch of his stuff. I ran into him on 4th and Cherry and we walked together a few blocks down. I'm happy Annie is no longer with him, he's still the same loser.

Last night I asked Joel to let me borrow his VCR so that we can watch some old home videos that Annie had of us in Miami. They were hilarious! I saw myslef at 16 years old and it was crazy.

Anyways, I’m counting the hours till the weekend, it’ll be fun. Yesterday Scott wrote me an e-mail asking me to please make sure Annie and Joel are in bed at a decent time on Friday because we are heading out Saturday at around 10am and. He thinks I’m responsible, how confused he is…

Talking about Scott, I just love that boy. He’s so fucking funny, smart, nice and interesting. It’s too bad I’m never marrying again because if not, I’d ask him to marry me (jk)

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