Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Independence Day

Words will not do my weekend justice but I will attempt to tell you all about it.

Day 1: We left Seattle Friday night at around 7pm. Headed to Ocean Shores, WA. (Scott, Joel, Annie and I). We stopped for dinner at at BBQ place where we ate really good food and then continued our trip. We arrived at Scott’s parents at around 11pm and stopped in for a few to say hi and blow some fireworks with the two little boys that his mom takes care of. Then we headed to the outskirts of the town to Scott’s sister’s house and set camp in their yard. After we were done, we headed into town to buy some beer. We were all really tired, so we went to sleep.

Day 2: We woke up relatively early with Annie screaming and yelling that she needed to pee and that she didn’t want to go into Scott sister’s house. We all got up and went in to say hi and take showers. We headed into town, directly to the town’s picnic where we enjoyed massive amounts of food and sun. Scott’s mom had cooked a lot of food and we sat there talking and taking pictures. I was amazed at how wonderful Scott is with children. He will be a very good dad someday. At around 2pm we headed to the port to catch the ferry into Westport. Rinky dinky beach town which has a few shops and restaurants but a very cool natural aquarium. We spent some time there looking at the starfish and sea cucumbers. Annie and I separated from the guys to go get some ice cream while they went searching for a bar. We ended up losing them and finally after a while found them sitting in a bench, Joel: beer in hand. Scott: mad as hell. Scott and I headed back to the Ferry while they stayed behind. I had a talk with Scott about him expecting people to jump at his beckon call. The trip back was nice, we saw some baby seals and a very cute All-American boy in a tank top. We got into town in very good spirits, so we decided to hit the local bars! Scott taught me how to play chess and I beat his ass, then we went to another bar where we had more drinks, the third bar was at the Polynesian Hotel where we had lots of appetizers, great conversation
and lots of drinks. We were pretty wasted so we went back to the tents and slept like babies.

Day 3: 4th of July!! We woke up and went to breakfast with Scott’s sister. It was actually lunch because try getting 4 hungover people out of the house in time (plus Scott’s sister). We had a really good lunch (we ate so much food throughout the whole trip!) and then headed to the movies. We watched Spiderman 2, where Scott shed a few tears, hehehe. After the movie, we went to the arcade and engaged in a dumb water bumping cars race. We did get awesome pictures of it. Oh, I was forgetting, we went to the casino and gambled for a while before all of this. Afterwards, we dropped off Scott’s sister at home, got ready and headed to the hotel where Scott’s parents were staying for the week. The room they had was right on the beach with an excellent view of the fireworks. I cannot even begin to explain how many people were out there lighting up fireworks. The beach at Ocean Shores is one of the only ones in the world where it is still allowed to drive on the beach, so it was crazy to say the least. We ate dinner with them and had some drinks. We waited until the sun came down and we walked down to the beach and joined the craziness. We had a really good time even though it was very dangerous since it was a bunch of rednecks in big ole trucks haphazardly lighting up rockets. Scott fell in a hole and it was damn hilarious. We made it out of the beach safe but a pretty drunk. We walked a few miles back to the car and then went on a ride. It was pretty late abut I can honestly say it was one of my funnest moments of the entire trip. Scott tried to hug a deer, we were being followed by a white junky car and I was singing of the top of my lungs. We went back to the house and pulled out the tequila bottle and did some shots. We had so much fun. We lost Scott somewhere along the way. We found him passed out in the tent, snoring like a bear passed out. We have footage of that, thanks to Joel and his camcorder. We all went to sleep Joel and Annie in their tent and Scott and I in ours. In the middle of the night I heard Scott trying to get out and he was really having a hard time since he was pretty wasted. Well, to make a long story short, he ended up getting confused and sleeping in the other tent thinking he was in my tent. It was very funny. You had to be there!

Day 4: We woke up and lounged for hours. We went to lunch and them said good-bye to the family. We headed back to Seattle and got stuck in traffic but it was a fun ride back.

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend.

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