Sunday, July 25, 2004

A Little Background

In 1998, I had moved from Argentina back to Bolivia after 12 years of not being in my country except for two visits to my grandparents. I got there in the middle of Carnaval, on the first day of the actual event. Man, I alomst got mad at my parents for having "deprived" me of such fun times. My brothers and sister had already been back for a few months. I stayed in Buenos Aires becaues I was still working and mainly, becuase of Charly, my exboyfriend of three years. I broke up with him and quit my job (details on those two things will be a few posts long) and decided to move back home.
The first night that I arrived in Cochabamba, my brother Jorge and his friends took me out to a party. I saw so many people who I had grown up with, went to school with, old neighbors, it was insane! We ended up going to a club a dancing the entire night. The whole weekend was amazing. I wasn't sure if I was gonna stay in Bolivia for long or head back to Buenos Aires to get back with my boyfriend or what. Now that I think about it, I was only 19 years old and didn't know a damn thing about being on my own. Charly was 30 years old and wanted to get married and start a family. I know now, that it would've been a distaster. Instead, I stayed in Bolivia, signed up for college and got myself a part time job at my elementary school as a pre-kinder teacher assistant. I lived in Bolivia since I was born until I was 12 (interim of moving between Argentina,Miami, Los Angeles and then back to Argentina for 4 years) and then back on Bolivia for 3 years. Then I got married at 23 to the boy that was my boyfriend when I lived in Miami. He came to visit me to and we got married. We then moved to Virginia, then to Miami, then back to Virginia, then finally to Seattle. Whew... that was long. I will elaborate on my stays in all these places.

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