Tuesday, June 29, 2004

fun times

This past weekend was great! Friday night after work Annie, Joel and I went out to dinner to a pizza place in First Hill and then headed back to his apartment. We were hanging out, having excellent conversation when next thing you know, it is 10 am! Hee. Wow, that was weird. I tried to sleep and couldn't, you know how that goes. At 6p.m. I decided to head home, Annie, Kiernen and Joel went to a concert at Seattle Center so I decided to spend some alone time. I tried going to sleep but the phone kept on ringing then finally around 12pm I went to bed. Sunday morning Scott called early and I went to pick him up. Annie and Joel wanted breakfast and we wanted to go to a few garage sales so we arranged to meet up later. Scott and I went to a Mexican restaurant in Magnolia and found a few good garage sales before meeting up with Annie and Joel. We finally did, and at around 4:30 we headed to Joel's place for some drinks and roof top view. The view is amazing! You can see the entire city and Puget Sound. We stayed up there until the sun came down and then went inside. We ended up having one of the best times I have had a in a long long time. We got to singing, faking orgasms and laughing until my face hurt. Joel was playing the piano like a mad scientist, Scott had the microphone at first and next thing you know, it is a full on party of four. We were all pretty drunk and things got real fucking funny. At around 1am we head home and realize that Joel had forgotten his car at my house so we go inside to call him and let him no he wouldn't have a ride to work tomorrow. That's when my heart sank. Francis had left me a note at my door saying he had stopped by to see me and that he needed to talk to me and to please call him at work. I didn't know hat to think or do,  so I did nothing. I went to sleep. Yesterday afternoon he e-mailed me and again, I didn't do anything. I just wonder what it is that he wants from me. Why won't he let me move on and stop being so selfish with me.

So anyways, this coming weekend is 4th of July long weekend so Joel, Annie, Scott and I are heading to Ocean Shores for a weekend full of fun, beers and who knows... I'll remember to post when we get back and let you know all about it. I plan on having the time of my life since last year's 4th of July was a miserable one for me. Things have changed!! Hell yeahhhhhhhhh.

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