Saturday, July 24, 2004

Ode to Marianita

My little sister Mariana is something else.  I love her so much. It's her birthday today and she is in my thoughts. I wish I could be with her today and tell her how awesome she is, how pretty and smart and wonderful I think she is.  She's studying to become a lawyer and I know that she will exceed any expectations as she tends to do.
when she was little, I remember walking her to school, she was so tiny... the winters in Argentina were bitter and very windy. She was so little that I -honest to God- had to hold her hand super hard because she wouldn't be able to advance from the wind.  I remember her laying in bed with me and imitating a talk show host , Laura en America, and having laughing attacks, as well as fart competitions! Ha!! Too funny. She's awesome and I simply adore her.

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