Monday, July 26, 2004

Date With Myself

Yesterday I decided that I would spend they day enjoying the company of me. I had lunch at the Pozzi’s, hung out for a little bit and then decided to take off. I went to the mall, bought myself three sweaters and then browsed around to see what was new. I then headed to Ballard to catch a movie at The Majestic, my favorite movie theater but they were having a street fair and I couldn’t find parking so I headed downtown. I parked my car and walked to the first theater that I knew of and they weren’t showing any good movies so I walked to the other one, a few blocks away. Nothing there either. I was going to head to the University district but figured, what the hell, I’m already here, might as well watch on eof the ones that are being shown here. I got myself a big cup of coffee and decided to walk back to the first theater and bought my ticket to watch "The Notebook". Let me add that I had NEVER been to the movies by myself, but from now on, I will do it more often. The movie was so romantic, so beautiful. It had a "love can last a lifetime" feel to it.
I went home, it was empty and quiet and perfect. I changes into my PJs and smoked a cigarette in the dark while thinking about my life and how I ended up where I’m at right now. I thought and though some more and then, with a smile on face, I told myself "you are where you should be right now".

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