Monday, October 04, 2004

Me, Myself and I

This weekend was a very relaxing one. At moments, too damn relaxing. I was supposed to go to Vancouver with Annie , Joel, Maribel and Pablo but ended up not going. They left Friday at noon and I was supposed to drive up there and meet up with them. I thought about it and considered my options. The drive up there by myself would’ve been nice, the city, a little time off, the company, they all sounded awesome… but I can’t spend any money for a while, so I decided to hang out by myself. I did, I watched TV, took my car to get washed, I cooked for myself what I wanted, I drove up north on Saturday to a casino, where I played for a little bit, lost 20 bucks and left. On Sunday I woke up at 11:30 am, made lunch and hung out at home. I did a little bit of beading, and waited for Tania y call me. Edgar, my dad’s lawyer sent some peppers for this Bolivian couple that lives here in Seattle. So I waited for them to come over, but they called me to tell me they were stuck in traffic downtown, so I decided to go meet up with them by the Key Arena. Really nice people. I came home and had dinner and read a little, talked on the phone and watched TV until it was bed time. Really nice weekend, all to myself. I’ve been doing some thinking about my purpose here and the reasons why I’m still living here and I’ve made up my mind on certain things. I won’t discuss them here yet, but I will soon let you guys know what’s going on.
So it’s Monday, I’m listening to an old Power 96 tape from back in the day… give it up for booty music!!

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