Saturday, April 24, 2004


Yesterday was one of the best days I have has in along long time. I woke up and took my sweet ass time to get to work, when I got there our server was down so nobody was working, just talking away. At 11am Ann, Erin, Mike F., Mandi, Peter, Chad and I took of for lunch. We took the metro tunnel into Westlake and went to PF Changs. The food was amazing as well as the conversation. At 1pm we were done but Erin and I stayed behind and decided to go shopping. At almost 3pm we got back to work to find that the server was still down, so more bullshiting until it was 5pm. Oh, David gave me an awesome book as a gift.
In a very good mood, I came home and took a shower, got ready and waited for Annie.She and Marcelo got here and we went out to dinner to TGI Friday's. I took off from there to Ann's house in Edmonds becuase supposedly she had a little get together with some friends to introduce a new cosmetic line. So I get there and oh my god! I was a surprise good-bye party for me!!! Every single woman from work was there, even some friends that no longer work there. It was amazing, first surprise party ever. I got some gifts and got a little drunk, enjoyed myself the entire time I was there and then came home and fell asleep. I'm going shoppong today!!
I know this entry sound like a 14 years old diary but oh well, tough shit :)

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