Monday, May 31, 2004

Fetish Posted by Hello

We headed out to Portland Saturday afternoon (Jenna, Terry, Corey, Annie and I) and check into the Kennedy School Hotel around 5:30pm. We got ready and headed out to the Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Franz and Basha (Jenna's friends).
First stop: Mary's Club. Stipper joint, beautiful women, horny men.
Second Stop: Piazza Italia. Excellent food, lots of people (about 50 in our party), italian men and good conversation.
Third Stop: Fetish Party somewhere in the seedy part of town. Whips, women with big titties and fire. Crazy!
Fourth and last stop: Hotel, Stripper Boy, Terry on mushrooms, hotel cop.
Went to sleep around 6am after a long fun night.
No complaints on this end.

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