Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This past weekend Annie and I took a ride out to the mountains, to Snoqualmie Falls. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest, warm and sunny, the trees were all in bloom and the skies were clear through and through.
On days like that, I find myself thinking about my childhood, about those days were things were simple, thinking and remembering things vividly, like if it hasn’t been that long, things I used to do and smells that invade my sense and still awaken something in me. Remembering little things that bring my joy.
There is nothing like the feeling of opening the window, letting the breeze hit you in the face, while the images in the corner of your eye fade away and blend into one green or brown trail. Then you stick out your whole arm, open your hand, you do waves and catch the air.
There is nothing like that feeling to me on a warm, sunny afternoon with no worries on my mind and many reasons for being happy.

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