Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I had such a terrible day yesterday, I can't believe I made it through. Talk about a low blow. He told me she's moving in with him and he decided to share this with me while I was at work, in the middle of the day. Great guy... I told him that people get what they have coming to them. They're both cheaters, liars and alcoholics so I guess they deserve each other. While I plan my life ahead, on my own, enjoying my money and time, he'll be stuck with some white trash bitch, two kids that aren't his and the fact that they started a relationship by destroying others peoples lives.

So they will get what they have coming to them for sure.

I cannot even imagine them ever being in a social environment where they have to answer the question on how they met. "Oh yeah, we met while we were both married and we decided to cheat on our spouses". hahahahaha!! Beautiful! Lovely people.
They say what starts wrong end wrong so like my friend says: "leave it to the universe".

I will.

I'm filing for divorce as soon as I have the money and I really cannot wait till this is all over.

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