Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Hi! I'm back from a four day trip to Los Angeles. I had an awesome time!! I went to visit Alejandra and Simon , they live in Santa Monica, a few blocks away from the beach, a block or two away from the shops and close to everything nice. The trip was a great escape from all the bullshit that had been happening and it was also the first real vacation I've taken in a very long time. I had very good conversations with both of them, met Alejandra's best friend, went to China Town for Dim Sum, went to eat Sushi, shopped a little and cruised around in her bad ass Land Rover Discovery.
I didin't even think about F. and for the first time in ages, I didn't have nightmares. I think I'm on my way to forgetting him and moving on. I cannot wait till he's just a faded memory... him all the dirty people that caused me pain.
I got back to work this morning and as I had suspected, he had left me a voicemail at 1am last night. Saying hi and to please call him to the restaurant where he is working now. I don't know what he thinks this is, or how it makes sense in his head to just "check up on me". Doesn't he understand that what he has done in irreversible? Last I heard, he was moving in with her... What does he expect from me? Maybe he's just calling cuz it's the end of the month, and like he told me, he had always been with me out of convenience, so maybe he's just short on money and needs me to bail him out of trouble one more time. Fuck that! I'm done, never again will I let him take advantage of me.