Monday, September 08, 2003

I can't believe how bored I was this weekend. I really need to fix my car urgently. I watched a few movies, talked on the phone a lot and relaxed.

I'm goin to L.A. on the 26th!!! I'm so excited:) I'll let you know all about it when I get back. I think that some fresh air will do me good (not that L.A has fresh air, but you know what I mean:))

I've been talking to my sister a lot and it is so nice. I miss her a lot and I wish I wasn't so far away, I'm sure we would hang out a lot if I was closer. I've been thinking a lot lately and I'm not gonna stay in Seattle for more than a year. I think that when my lease is over I will pick up and go. There really is no point in me staying here any longer than that.
F. and I are no longer together and we sure as hell won't be ever again. Annie has her own life and that is fine, she is hardly ever around and I understand, she and Karl are still together and of course I can't expect her to hang out with me all the time. It would be nice though if we did, because this is the moment when I least want to be alone and I would like to go out and do things, It's so much more fun to do things with someone else. But we are all adults and she has her life and I can't expect her to be there 24/7. But... I need to be around people and here I'm not finding that at all. I'll just stick it out for a year and then figure out what I do. I've been thinking of going back home a lot. I just wish the economy was better cause if that was the case, I wouldn't think about it twice. I have my family there, life is so much nicer, people know me since I was little, I have friends.
I don't want to feel so lonely. I know that it's the beginning and that things will get better but I just don't identify with the people here, at all. I don't want to spend my life in front of a TV and here, if you don't have money to go out and spend, then that is what you end up doing. I used to be a very social person, have a lot a friends, I hated TV and now... the opposite.

I miss my friend Andre, I wish she was here. I have to write about here here. she deserves a whole page!