Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I have been reading Sark lately and her books bring me joy. They make me believe that there is
hope, that I can be creative, that procrastination is not a permanent thing, that you should believe
in yourself, play with your inner child and think positive.
Her books are not the regular you-can-do-it-feel-good books. They are truly original and just
looking at them makes you feel colorful. I will follow her advise and try to write at least for five minutes every day about anything. I hope I don't bore you. Oh by the way... I 'll be changing the look on my blog again. It's impossible to read with the big ole flower in the middle. It's really annoying so bear with me for a bit until it's gone.
So changing subjects... I have been giving my m.... a lot of thought lately. I have been doing a lot of research and I'm trying to be organized about it and do it the right way this time around. I still haven't made up my mind completely but being informed is the best way to make a decision. I will have to make up my mind soon but for now, I'm just taking it one day at a time.

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