Thursday, December 11, 2003

I finished reading Bodacious Succulent Women last night and I highly recommend it to all women that feel repressed but want to live wildly and freely. Camp Sark, if you are hiring, let me know!!!:)
This made me think of my grandmother. She gets to Miami this Saturday to spend some time with my sister and her family. She might be coming up to Seattle to see me, that’s if she’s feeling well since the flight is so long. I would love to have her here and see her, show her around and spend some time with her.
She is a difficult woman, strong headed, passive-aggressive, a little manipulative but I love her. She has suffered a lot in life, gone through 28 major operations, lived to see a son kill himself, visited two sons in jail, one of the latter hates the family so much, he has written crazy manifestos describing family details, published them in the towns newspaper, pointed a loaded gun at my 10 year old cousin and done many other unspeakable things. He is my godfather.
Back to my Mama Sonia... She lived though it all and then some and she still manages to get up in the morning, put a dress on, do her hair, put her make-up on, go shopping, spend time with her foofoo friends, eat a five course meal every day, and raise a teenager (my cousin Briana). She is an example of succulence and womanhood and I hope she lives to be 100.

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