Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New York

Wednesday: We arrived at 10:30 am and took the bus to Queens. We said hit o A. uncle, dropped off our bags and headed to the subway station. We stopped for a slice of pizza and headed downtown. J. was so tired that we had to stop and go watch a movie so that he could rest for a bit. We then walked around the Village for a few hours, shopping a little and taking it all in. We then walked to meet up with J.’s friends for dinner. We meet Travis, Fernando and Emily. We then walked for many, many blocks, through Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown until we found the place that Emily recommended for dumplings. We had dinner and then took the subway to Rockefeller Center. The place was amazing! The Christmas decorations and the people ice-skating were out of a movie. We took pictures and then headed to Park Avenue, we walked and walked and walked some more. We crossed the street into Central Park and then, dead tired, took the subway back to Queens.

Thursday: We woke up late and lazied around for a while. It was raining and we were very tired from all the walking we had done the day before so we decided to kind of take it easy that day. We headed to the shops in Queens were I separeated from them to go buy myself a pair or tennis shoes. On my way back to the house, I stopped and got a pedicure! I met Monica that night, very strange and surreal.
Friday: We woke up late again and decided that we were going to go see the art galleries in Chelsea. We took the subway downtown and started walking in the direction we thought was right. Wrong!! We had to take a cab there because it was late and raining. We went into an art exhibition that was showing art from the late 70s-early 80’s. Pretty amazing stuff. I got in an argument with J. because he can be fucking rude sometimes so I decided to skip dinner and the party that we were supposed to go to. Instead, I took a cab to Times Square. Wow! I got there and I couldn’t believe it! I was bummed that I didn’t have my camera with me but I walked around taking it all in. I went to dinner by myself, where I met a really cute waiter. After that, I walked around, looked at the shops and finally found the subway.

Saturday and Sunday: We woke up late, one again…We packed because we were leaving at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday. It was a pretty stressful morning because we couldn’t find any of our stuff, but we finally got it together. W took Lauren with us downtown. We got off in the World Trade Center stop. I had never seen the Twin Towers, so it was hard for me to grasp the concept of how huge they were, but given the hole in the ground, they must’ve been enormous. It was sad for me to be there and imagine of the people that lost their lives there.
After that, we went into a store that was packed and everyone got annoyed so we then took the subway to Macy’s. We met up with Fernando, Travis, Chii and Elizabeth, A.’s other niece. We went into a few stores and then took the subway to Little Italy. We had a really nice dinner and then headed to Times Square. Annie and I got into a little argument but we talked it through. We went into Virgin Records, where I bought the last U2 CD. Yay! We hen took pictures and walked to find the David Letterman Show. We took some more pictures, lie the idiots that we are. We had a cup of coffee and by then it was almost 3 in the morning so we said goodbye to J.’s friends and headed back to Queens so that the girls could sleep and we could pick up our luggage and head to the airport. We got to the airport feeling so damn tired, but happy that we had stayed up and enjoyed the city until the last minute. We caught out plane into Detroit where we were received by a snowstorm. We then headed to Seattle, the northern route, through Canada because of the weather. I passed out immediately and then woke up to the most amazing view of snowed mountains and frozen rivers. We finally made it to Seattle at around noon and home. Ahhhhh, home sweet home.

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