Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Office space moment

There is this asshole in my office, we’ll call him Mr. Jackass. He is three feet away from me talking to one of the directors telling him a story about a game he played in a casino with fake money. He is explaining, in painful detail, what the game consists on like if it was the real deal betting. He is saying that he won up to 4 million dollars and that whew, he made a bad choice and lost it all, therefore he will never come across that much money. He is going on and on (loudly, I might add) about what he would do with that much money if he ever had it. It was fake money dude! You will never have it to take that rip to Spain you are talking about! You are too damn stupid and lazy and ridiculous. Oh, oh…his last comment (the director is slowly walking away while Mr. Jackass still flaps his lips) "Some people were born to be investors, and some of us like to have fun" Snerk, snerk…. God, what an idiot. This is the same guy that when we had out company meeting went and napped in a bench for the entire event. He just aggravates me. Grrr. Sorry, had to vent.

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