Tuesday, October 14, 2003

So last night Karl showed up at our doorstep.... I didn't know if I should wake Annie up or just go out and tell him to go away. I decided to wake her up and she let him in. They were up talking most of the night so I didn't get a chance to talk to her until this morning. I go to find out this morning that he was coming from F.'s. great....
Annie didn't want to tell me if she was living with him already but apparently she is. God knows how those two are living, with the two kids in a one bedroom apartment. Anyways, that, thank God, is not my problem. Karl was pretty wasted last night so go figure...drinking on a Monday..lovely. better her than me dealing with his crap. They are perfect for each other, alcoholics and losers.
I cannot dwell on this shit anymore, he's not worth it. His mom told me yesterday that he had called asking her to give the bitch advise on how to discipline the kids and that she said no way. I had warned him about stepping into murky waters, but instead, he dove in head first. To hell with him. He has been the BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT IN MY LIFE.
On other news... I've told Annie that we should pack up and go to New York a few weekends from now like she had suggested earlier last month. I cannot wait. I'll keep you posted on my life.