Friday, October 24, 2003

Its Friday finally! I had a really long week but all in all a good one. I went shopping on Wednesday and Thursday and ended up buying stuff for my sister which I have to mail to her, a few things for my room and lotions and creams for myself:)
I finally finished painting my room last night, after 5 coats, it finally looks the way I want it, so now, after work, I'll go home and put all my stuff where it belongs. It's red and beautiful!! Really excited about not sleeping in the living room anymore.
I also had to run a whole bunch of errands yesterday, paperwork mostly, getting ready to file for divorce and getting a new passport because I seem to have "misplaced" my old one. I'm really happy to inform that all went well and soon, very soon, I'll file for divorce.
I wonder what I'll get Annie for her birthday.... hmmm

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