Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Love gone bad

I gave you way too many chances
And you still came back for more
To hurt me even worse
Than you ever did before

I knew you weren̢۪t the same,
But I still believed in you
I ignored how much you changed
And continued loving you

But a light came sparkling through
Sent from high above
I found out you had another
And were playing with my love

Tears came crashing strong
With a pain I never knew
How could I had been so blind
While you played me for a fool?

You said too many times
I was your one and only love
And you were willing to do anything
To gain all that we lost

But all along you were with her
And kept me on the side
While you gave your world to her
You gave me tears each time

You were never man enough
To let me go for good
And you thought your game of lies
Would never catch with you

But here I am today
Giving myself a fresh, new start
And to tell you that you lost
The day you broke my heart

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