Thursday, July 14, 2005

In case you were wondering

In case you were wondering...

22 Things About Me

1. I am a 29 year old girl who is still very afraid of the dark.

2. I live in Miami now, but grew up in Argentina and Bolivia. I like to move a lot. Something
about staying still bores me.

3. I’m left handed and because of that was considered to be cursed. My grandmother would
tear up every time she was reminded of it. She was determined to teach me to do things
“properly”. Karma is a bitch and gave her 5 left-handed grandchildren.

4. I like to drive for hours, better if it’s all by myself listening to music really loudly, smoking
cigarette after cigarette after cigarette.

5. I have driven across the country in a pot stupor. I had to pull over a few times because the
road was zooming in and out somewhere in the middle of the North Dakota. Somewhere
along the way, I actually saw buffalo running in the free world. Heh…then I saw some of0
them going in the hot springs all casually like if they were at the local spa.

6. I am accident prone and the biggest klutz. I will break something of yours for sure. Do not
invite me over your house because I will fall, kill your cat or break your microwave.

7. I crashed my first car and blew up my second car all in 3 months. The second time was after
a busy night of running through a field with machetes and drinking moonshine under the
bed, while hiding from the cops. The night had to end with a BANG, I guess.

8. I once had a laughing attack in church and was asked to leave.

9. I have good memory. I can still remember what I wore for my first day of school and what
Ms. Baker was wearing when she told me I needed to be nice and let the kid that peed (all
the time) into “my” tree house. The nerve.

10. I have been in love once before and got my heart broken. I’m ready to fall in love again.

11. I don’t know what I would do without books or music. I need them around me at all times.

12. I was once taken by a cute hippie to a cave on a nudist beach to got some good lovin’.

13. I have kissed a girl before.

14. I grew up in a house with 7 maids and chauffers but was still taught well by my mom to
pick up after myself and that I need to work to get what I want.

15. There is a book written about my family. I gotta say, I did not grow up the conventional way. Crazy shit.

16. I hate it if you touch my hair. I will secretly despise you for a few minutes.

17. I love my friends and admire them.

18. I honeymooned in the jungle and woke up to monkeys staring at my naked ass.

19. I have 2 brothers and two sisters and they are the bomb diggidy. My parents are too cool
for words.

20. I punched my brother in the face one time because he was making me laugh too much. I
know…I normally don’t hit people but these were weird circumstances.

21. I once partied for 4 days straight after New Years. I came home and had lost 10 pounds in
those 4 days. Fun times.

22. I dropped my 3 month-old nephew on his head one time. Don’t look at me like that…It was
his mom's fault!

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