Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Weekend

My Weekend

Friday: I went to work, finished up a few things I had pending and the day flew by. I got out and we all had dinner at my house since it was Julie's last day in Seattle and them we drove her to the airport at around 8. There was such a horrible traffic jam that we didn't get back into the city until 10:30. We all went to sleep pretty early since we were going camping the next morning.

Saturday: We woke up late (go figure), we lazed around the house until 1pm and then we headed out. The original plan was Joel, Annie and I were gonna go camping to the Cascade Mountains but at last moment we changed plans and decided to go stay at his house in Wenatchee (it was his grandmother's house, but she passed away last year). The drive out there was really nice, we took Highway 2 all the way, which is the most scenic route ever. With a little help from our friendly buddah, we had a really good time. We arrived in Wenatchee, unloaded the car, looked around the house, turned on the water, heater and such and went out for a ride looking for a park that Annie knew from previous day trips to the area. We found it, we sat around, talked, took funny pictures and headed back home. The area is full of orchards so it smells really nice, but on our way back there were so many bugs, the whole Jeep was loaded with them. We went to the store to buy a few necessities and went home to get dressed to go meet Joel's friends at the bar. We han a few drinks at this really nice bar that overlooks the entire town and laughed at all the fools that were dancing. We had bought "Lost in Translation" before going there so when we got home, they made dinner and we got comfortable to watch the movie. Joel was being funny, he was pretty gone, I must say :)

Sunday: We woke up late (again) and went out for breakfast. There was a little incident were we all got in a bad mood and didn't enjoy breakfast at all. After that, everything was fine so we went home, picked up and headed out. Joel told us about a route that gets us back into Seattle through a very rocky path which takes about three hours so we decided we'd go for it. We first stopped at an Antique store where we got a little carried away and spent like 2 hours there, but it was fine because I found some miniature books for my miniature bookcase. We finally started heading back through the road he told us. Let me tell you something, craziest ride ever. It was so damn dangerous, there were moments were I felt " O.K. , I guess this is how I'm gonna go". There really is no road, you are climbing up high mountains through paths full of rocks and cliffs that if you look make you dizzy. We made it out fine, except for a stupid bee stinging me in my leg. Annie drove all the way until we got to Ellensburg and then I took over. They fell asleep, which was fine with me because I was really enjoying the silence. I literally flew to Seattle. We got home, showered and went to bed. All in all, a great weekend.

Monday: I didn't go to work. I woke up early, cleaned the house and checked my e-mail. I watched T.V. and then called Scott to see if he wanted to do lunch and maybe a movie. I picked him up, we had sushi in Ballard and then went to The Majestic (my favorite theatre in town) and watched "Collateral". The movie was O.K., a little slow for my taste, but worth watching a salt and pepper Tom Cruise. I came home, an hour later Joel and Annie came and we all went to Joel's house to cook dinner. My plan was to to spend my evening painting but since they insisted I go, I took my canvases to his house and he set everything up for me (he's sweet like that). Annie made dinner and I painted. I got a little frustrated at first but towards the end I was happy with how it was coming along. It?s not even close to being done but it's starting to shape up. We ate dinner and went for a little walk. At around 11:30, Annie and I headed home. Pasamos por la casa de K. y no lo vimos. Queriamos ver si estaba su auto pero nada asi que vinimos a casa y al rato volvimos a ir. Esperamos un rato y tal cual era esperado, salio de su casa con la novia. La vimos bien de cerca porque ella, con la amiga, pararon en la gasolinera y la llegamos a ver. Me senti muy mal por Annie porque se que aunque ella diga que no le importa, eso duele. We came home and went to sleep.

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